Halal Studies and Society

Organizers: Directorate of Strategic Studies and Academic Reputation IPB University

Halal Studies and Society (HaSS) is a multidisciplinary journal and communication media as well as a means of ongoing discussion on relevant issues based on Halal specifications. In a global context, the halal issue is no longer limited to Muslims or certain religions but has become a trend related to lifestyle in general. A halal lifestyle includes the consumption of products and services that comply with the principles of Islamic law (shariah). Therefore, Halal Products are not only limited to food and drinks. But it also covers various sectors including education, tourism, cosmetics, medicine, finance, fashion, arts, and culture. Halal Studies and Society is a premier scholarly publication dedicated to advancing the understanding and exploration of halal related topics, practices, and industrial. By making this journal Freely accessible, the aim is to reach a global audience and contribute to the global discourse on halal issues. This journal provides a platform for researchers from different countries to connect, share insights, and disseminate their findings. In addition, this journal aims to encourage the growth and development of the global halal ecosystem, a collaboration between researchers from various backgrounds, and a rich exchange of ideas. The journal covers issues such as including Halal Food and Products, Halal medicine, halal tourism, halal lifestyle, halal education, halal management, and the Halal industry. Articles discussing halal theory and current issues regarding applied halal are also welcome. Halal Studies and Society Research is published in January, May, and September each year, with ten articles per issue.

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