“Contribution of Frontier Agromaritime toward Sustainable Development Goals”

Agromaritime 4.0 has been established to encourage technology applications based on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, drone application, robotics, blockchain, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and other technologies that aim to create precision in sustainable uses of land and marine resources. The Frontier in Sustainable Agromaritime and Environmental Development Conference (FiSAED) 2023 will be held to disseminate the concept of Agromaritime 4.0 to the international community.

Conference Scope:

Science and technology for sustainable agriculture
Socio-economic transformation for sustainable agromaritime
Sustainable natural resources and environmental  management
 Environmental Health and Ecosystems

Science and Technology for Sustainable Agromaritime

  • Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering

  • Food Science and Technology

  • Agroindustrial Technology

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Socio-economic Transformation for Sustainable Agromaritime

  • Agribusiness and Management

  • Agricultural Economics and Development

  • Resource and Environmental Economics

  • Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Communication and Community Development

Sustainable Natural Resources and Environmental Management

  • Soil Science and Land Resources

  • Agronomy and Horticulture

  • Plant Protection

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Fisheries and Marine Science

  • Animal Science

  • Forestry

  • Environmental Science and Management

  • Agrometeorology and Geophysics

Environmental Health and Ecosystems

  • Environmental medicine

  • Environmental Pollution and Hazards

  • Epidemiology and Tropical Diseases

  • Human and Animal Health

  • Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation

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1 – 15 November 2023  1-22 November 2023

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17-20 November 2023 17-24 November 2023

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21-25 November 2023 25 November – 1 December 2023

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1-29 November 2023 25-30 November 2023

Full paper submission 


21 November – 10 December 2023 25 November – 10 December 2023

Online conference 


14-15 December 2023




  • The final decision for publication is solely dependent on the publisher.
  • If the full paper is rejected by the conference committee, the conference fee will be returned 100%.
  • If the full paper is rejected by the publisher, then the conference fee will be returned 50%.
  • Registration fee will not be returned.


  1. Please make registration fee for presenter and conference fee (including publication fee) payment after abstract accepted. Registration fee and conference fee based on per submitted abstract.
    Total Payment : 2.750.000 IDR or 275 USD.
  2. Please note that acceptance for publication in the proceeding is solely the policy of publisher. Please read the note under the registration fee table for the conference fee policy. 
  3. Please make payment by bank transfer to:
    Bank Name: BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia)
    Bank Number: 9889370515040501
    Account Name: Direktorat Kajian Strategis dan Reputasi Akademik
    Bank Code: 009
    Branch Code: 061
    Swift Code: BNINIDJABGR
    If you need other payment information, please contact us.
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